How long does the tour last?

You'll be out for about an hour or so - sometimes we're out a bit longer depending on how quickly the Mantas come around.

How far is the paddle?

It's only about a 5-7 minute paddle each way and is pretty easy. We do ask that everyone participate - you are our motors! You do have a Captain or steersman and a guide to help you.

How hard is the paddle - do we need to be in shape?

We welcome guests of all abilities, however we are purely paddle power and need to make sure we have enough participants to get us out to the site. Depending on the tide there can be a step down from the dock to get into the canoe of anywhere from 1-3 feet.

Do you have a ladder to get back into the canoe?

We do have a ladder - it's similar to a pool ladder, so you need to be able to pull your own body weight to climb back up it.

Do we have to get in the water to see the Mantas?

No. We are the ONLY company that can truly provide a viewing experience. Because we don't have a motor, our lights are set up right between the hulls of our canoe. If you do get in the water you never have to swim away from the boat -we keep you safe between the hulls. If you or a member of your party doesn't want to get in the water, they can stay in the canoe, have an incredible view, and stay close to everyone else in the water to have a shared experience! It's a great opportunity for small children, non-swimmers, and people with disabilities.

Do you take out people with disabilities?

Absolutely! We provide this incredible opportunity to anyone who wants to go… the only thing that we have to work within is our weight limit. If you do have physical disabilities or unique abilities please contact us directly so that we have the proper staff and equipment to ensure your experience is safe and enjoyable. Click here for a couple of testimonials from some amazing people we've had the pleasure of sharing this experience with!

Is there a weight limit?

We do have a weight limit of 250 pounds. This guideline is in place to ensure that everyone fits in the canoe (the canoe seat is about 19 inches wide) and can climb up our ladder to get back into the canoe.

Are children welcome?

Yes! We've had kids out with us as young as 2 years old because they can just stand in the canoe and look over the side for an incredible view. We do need to ensure there are enough adults to help paddle the canoe and watch the kiddos, but it's an amazing family experience! Because we only take 6 people at a time, it can be a private tour for a larger family.

What gear do you provide?

We provide wet suit tops for adults and short suits for kids, as well as your snorkel gear. We always have PFD's or life vests on board - just let us know if you would prefer to wear one throughout the trip. The only thing you need to bring are towels.

Which trip is better - the earlier tour or the late one?

There really isn't one tour that is better than the other as far as seeing Mantas, and they both have their advantages. The nice thing about the earlier trip is that you are paddling out as the sun sets and it's a really beautiful time to be on the water. The nice thing about the later trip is that there tend to be less boats at the site so you have it a bit more to yourselves. It's really more of a question of what works better for your schedule.

Should we eat before the tour?

If you do grab a bite to eat before coming out with us we always recommend to eat light. We also ask that you wait on having that Mai Tai until after the tour - safety is our number one priority!

What is your cancellation policy?

We ask that you give us at least 24 hours notice to cancel or change your reservation.