Unique Abilities

If you have physical disabilities or unique abilities please contact us directly at 808.987.0377 so we can have the proper staff and equipment to ensure your experience is safe and enjoyable.


"Anelakai Adventures gave my daughter the opportunity to see the manta rays in Kona. This would not have happened had she been on the usual boats that are used to view the mantas at night. Her physical disability as well as intolerance to the cold would have kept her from experiencing this wonderful activity.

Our daughter, Maddie, is 25 and has cerebral palsy. She is usually confined to a wheelchair, but with the great canoe set up provided by Anelakai Adventures, she was able to stay inside the canoe and view the mantas as they came up under the boat. A light under the canoe gave her the perfect vantage point. Because of her disability getting her in and out of the water is difficult. In addition, she has a low tolerance for cold, and it can get chilly in the water at night.

Thank you Anelakai Adventures for providing this unique experience for those who would otherwise be left on shore."

- Kathy Scarangella

"First thing first - let me thank Anelakai Adventures for making my seemingly impossible dream come true.

Ever since watching a manta ray video online, I was obsessed with the desire to see them swim in real life. They are so beautiful and mysterious. The only problem - I am a disabled person in a wheelchair. I contacted several tour companies about manta ray observing for people with limited mobility before and after flying to the Big Island. I was always told that they didn’t have the right equipment for the disabled to do this. Frustrated and ready to give up, I continued to ask around after arriving at the island. One afternoon, I rolled into Snorkel Bob’s and met Holly and her helpers who suggested Anelakai Adventures.

Anelakai Adventures uses Hawaiian double-canoes to take people out to observe Manta Ray. In order for me to get into and out of water easily, they prepared a large raft with a lawn chair securely tied down. Anelakai Adventures’ guides lifted me out of my wheelchair and gently put me into the lawn chair on the raft. With other adventurers on two other canoes, we all paddled out to the spot where manta ray was expected to show up. The water was cold after a while but the show put up by the Manta Ray was unforgettable.

Anelakai Adventures’ guides are very friendly, considerate and helpful. Jane stayed by my side the whole time to make sure I was safe. She helped me get into and out of water with ease. I am very grateful for the effort that was put in to make this adventure possible for me. Anelakai Adventures has the right equipment and knowledge to help the disabled people experience this otherwise impossible adventure. I can’t thank them enough."

- Chorng Lin

"I cannot say enough great things about Anelakai Adventures. My son Ben, who is 15 and has Down syndrome, went on this adventure after someone recommended it to us. I have wanted to do an evening snorkel manta ray excursion but had been hesitant due to the length of time, larger crowds and just the uncertainty as to how my son might do. He is not a fan of wearing snorkel gear and can get scared in overstimulating environments. I was told this was a double hull canoe (which typically holds 6-8-perfect) that went out for 1 ½ hours. (and again perfect, not too long). When we got there, Holly and Iko met us and explained the process which helped put my mind at ease. My son and I went out with another couple. We had such an awesome experience. Ben started by just hanging out on the canoe but after seeing the other couple get in he decided he wanted to give it a try. Iko was very reassuring that he could get out at any time. Ben got in and loved the experience, as did I. It was so fun and relaxing with such a small group. There were lights so you could see the mantas when they came and swam by you. When Ben was ready to get out we were able to spend a few minutes on the canoe and saw some Mantas from that perspective, which was also wonderful.

Whether you want to swim with the mantas, or just have an awesome experience on a double hull canoe and view the mantas from on top, this is hands down one of my favorite, most memorable activities I have done on the island.

A huge mahalo to Iko and Holly for making this such a great night."

- Margaret